Student from Kenya


AfriMentor Consulting Group style, steps to follow, and deep understanding is pragmatic and realistic. They helped me know what I needed to learn in-order to progress my career, even provided me with tools and resources to equip myself.

Right after, I got my dream job that I had applied and interviewed so many times in different organizations yielding no results.

AfriMentor Consulting Group helps even those who have just but an idea of what they want to pursue career-wise and those who need help in finding out.

Business (located in DC)


After many years of operating my web designing company, I acquired a very large clientele base that I needed to expand my business but did not know how. My co-founder contacted AfriMentor Consulting Group and talked to a consultant.

She was very professional and creative. We came up with a clear picture of what was required and mapped out a plan of attaining the same. The strategies and business advice that I got from her have moved my business to the next level and now I am not only providing web designing services, but also providing hosting services.

I have already started to notice results based on callbacks and clicks. The money I spent on AfriMentor Consulting Group was the best investment of 2017!

Student/ Financial Major


My fear was that I came from a French speaking country and my English was awful. This paralyzed my confidence in job market. Writing emails and holding conversations with colleagues freaked me out and I kept working as a CNA for many years until I decided to seek help.

AfriMentor Consulting Group really understood my problem and took me through a very easy and convenient English training at the comfort of my computer, and in 3 weeks I was ready to go in for interviews.

I got a job offer in a bank as a Staff Accountant with my degree from Kigali Independent University in Rwanda. Today I am climbing corporate ladder with great ease and confidence. I was afraid that my degree would not help me in US and that I would need to start all over.

I recommend AfriMentor Consulting Group services to everyone looking to manage job transition with a degree or some sort of training from Africa and are not sure how to translate that into a competitive career here in America.

From Morocco


It took me so long to get the job I had at the time. A friend advised that AfriMentor Consulting Group would help me get my dream job here in America and I thought of giving it a shot.

After talking with a consultant, she just with great conviction told me that I was undervaluing myself and that I could get a higher paying and my dream job.

She helped edit my resume and find a job that would fit me (my personality, career goals, right culture, etc.). I noticed that I did not present myself well neither on the resume nor on the interviews.

AfriMentor Consulting Group training and advice boosted my confidence and now I got a job that pays almost double. I am able to support my extended family back in Nigeria and pay my tuition for my masters degree without taking student loan. Thanks AfriMentor Consulting Group

Banker (Fresh Immigrant from Ghana)

Ebeeku E

I recently relocated to the US from Ghana. Although young, I had worked so hard to build my career serving as a senior Banker in the Bank of Ghana. I got really frustrated to find that when our people come here, they have to start all over and I took a job in a factory working overnight.

Although I knew I had great skills, certifications and a strong college education, I struggled to get a better job. I surrounded myself with people who were complacent with factory jobs. It was too tiring! Right when I was about to give up, a friend recommended that I call AfriMentor Consulting Group and talk to a career coach.

Best decision ever! They knew exactly what I was going through and helped me not only get a better job in banking industry within weeks, but also acquainted me with the way Corporate America works which is very different from Ghana’s. It was so worth my few dollars.

Accountant (From South Africa)


I’ve been trying to move my career to the next level but despite so many job applications and interviews, I got no job offers! Made no sense. Then I decided to contact AfriMentor Consulting Group only to realize that my resume formatting, wording, layout, almost everything was wrong.

I had the knowledge, skills, and experience but was not able to sell myself to employers. AfriMentor Consulting Group packaged me and presented me before my target employers. I was oblivious of the filters recruiters used when deciding who to call in for interviews.

I love the new up to date formatting of the resume as well as the tone and wording of the overall resume! I have interviews lined up from next week. I had let my resume slip out of date and it did cost me

Physician Assistant (Kenya)


I recently graduated from PA school, and I knew that I wanted to get a good job soonest possible since I wanted to start paying off my student loan, but I was not sure of the ‘how’ part. After talking to a consultant in AfriMentor Consulting Group , I had four job offers in 8 business days from 4 major hospitals that I really wanted to work for.

AfriMentor Consulting Group has tools and methods and clear understanding of what it takes to help professionals move to the next level. I was able to smoothly transition into my dream career from nursing to being a Physician Assistant. It felt like reinventing my career.

Entrepreneur (From Ethiopia)


After over 20 years of employment I decided I was ready to move on to the next chapter of my career and life – to start a small business. The quitting part was easy, but figuring out how to start a business here in US was much harder.

Although I had ideas on what I would do, it was not clear and I was not so focused. I had very little knowledge on how to go about it, the processes and other requirements by law. AfriMentor Consulting Group was the answer.

By working with them and following their program, I discovered the answers that were right for me and my business. Once that was clear and business set up, they guided me through the process of marketing and providing value to my customers.

Without AfriMentor Consulting Group , I’d be lost and wondering, probably still working on a job I so hated. I recommend to anyone who would want to start a business to consult them. They helped me to step out of my comfort zone to take a risk that is so worth it.