Career and Job Services

AfriMentor is the leading in packaging diverse candidates and positioning them to win in the job market. From drafting among the best and top cutting-edge resumes in the country, we tap into your unique individual capabilities to help you tackle your interviews exceedingly well and land a job offer.
AfriMentor has a unique intuitive ability of knowing what you need and provides you with the right tools, so you become a valuable asset in the job market. We partner with you from the initial stage of your career figuring out what major to take in school all the way to becoming an executive, and even starting your own business.

Interview Training and Coaching

Business Services

  • Business Consulting
  • We help businesses owners to exponentially grow their businesses to compete globally by implementing unique strategies that increase the demand of their products and services so as to attract and retaining high paying clients, establish meaningful business relationships and important partnerships

  • Ideas Lab
  • We help visionaries to turn their ideas/passion to reality by working hand-in-hand in pursuing higher calling or life purpose acquiring financial freedom and fulfilment while living their dreams.

  • Non-profit Consulting
  • We help Non-Profit organization visionaries and founders to establish and or grow successful foundations by providing cutting-edge strategies and management services that differentiate their foundations to significantly attract donors and beneficiaries as well as engaging communities while making great impact in the society and entire world.

Free Mentorship