About us

Welcome to Afrimentor, the world's largest professional network with more than 645+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.


To equip, empower and position Africans from all over the world with skillsets that will promote individuals’ economic growth that will help solve African-related problems from the root up and eventually gain economic independence to influence in entire the world.


Provide Africans with tools to acquire and maintain financial capability to meet their own needs, help others, and leave economic legacy for upcoming generations.

Who we are

Core Values

  • Create a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers
  • Ensure all candidates are equipped and fit for the job
  • Encourage economic ventures that improve the lives of everyone
  • Respect for diversity and difference in cultural backgrounds
  • Continually develop products and programs that positively impact lives
  • Provide solutions that come from a place of love and oneness
  • Stand by the truth
  • Provide mentorship through the lenses of truth. Help perceive things as they are without external influence of what they ought to look
  • Create equal chances to all candidates and clients irrespective or race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin, disability or any other factor.

What Is Afripab all About?

Did he just say “Shit-hole countries?” That did not come as a surprise to most of us because for the longest time, Africa has been regarded as the neediest continent on Earth. Also referred to as ‘The Dark Continent’ and “Non-Developed”.

Why? The answer is simple as we all know, her unending ECONOMIC CHALLENGES.

Africa is the richest continent on earth in terms of natural resources, from being top producer of precious metals like gold and diamond, to crops and good weather among others.

But how comes she is constantly struggling with the highest poverty level? Africans encounter same type of economic challenges whether they are in their own countries or abroad. There is commonness in how we do things.

Other cultures are well represented by their flourishing businesses across the globe except for Africans. In the US, there are Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, English, Thailand, Japanese, French… etc. food store chains that serve delicacies meant to promote and nourish their people abroad. None for African foods, other than the few local that barely go anywhere. As a matter of fact most of them close in less than 2 years of operation.

Afripab is providing you with tools to address this life-changing and paradigm-shifting issue so that you can acquire financial freedom and help grow Africa economy at large.

Our groundbreaking insight, research, and revelations clearly indicated that this specific problem is deeper rooted that most think.

The problem has been planted deep within us, and that is why even the school knowledge fail us. It’s the image that has been mirrored to us about us that has programed our mindset.

One size does not fit all as we are meant to believe. Quick question for you, do you think business/career solutions used in Africa can be used to solve business/career problems in America, Europe, or Asia effectively? Absolutely not! The opposite is true. Against the branding and glamorization of business and career solutions from developed nations, Africa fights against unique problems that will take Africans themselves to solve. That is how others gain advantage over us because they seek real solutions from within while we are made to want to seek them from without.

Africa being the most resourceful continent on earth, how do we rank low? It’s because there is one thing Africans have not mastered. The Art of Making it Work for Us. Afripab will guide you step by step to master this skill and make it work for your ideas, career, and business. Our help cover these 4 categories;


We help businesses owners to exponentially grow their businesses to compete globally by implementing unique strategies that increase the demand of their products and services so as to attract and retaining high paying clients, establish meaningful business relationships and important partnerships.

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We help visionaries to turn their ideas/passion to reality by working hand-in-hand in pursuing higher calling or life purpose acquiring financial freedom and fulfilment while living their dreams.

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3Non-Profit Organizations

We help Non-Profit organization founders to establish and grow successful foundations by providing cutting-edge strategies and management services that differentiate their foundations to significantly attract donors and beneficiaries as well as engaging communities while making great impact in the society and entire world.

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We help position Africans in the US and Canada achieve their career goals and get their dream jobs by providing professional real time career advice, craft for them professional cutting-edge resume and cover letter, and coach/train them for interviews so as to present themselves exceptionally well and get multiple job offers.

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