About Us



To equip, empower and position black immigrants with skillsets that will promote individuals’ scope of work and financial gain and eventually acquire economic independence to impact their families, countries and entire world.



Provide black immigrants with tools to acquire and maintain financial capability to meet their own needs, help others, and leave economic legacy for the upcoming generations.

Core Values

Core Values

Create a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers

Ensure all candidates are equipped and fit for the job

Encourage economic ventures that improve the lives of everyone

Respect for diversity and difference in cultural backgrounds

Continually develop products and programs that positively impact lives

Provide solutions that come from a place of love and oneness

Stand by the truth

Provide mentorship through the lenses of truth. Help perceive things as they are without external influence of what they ought to look

Create equal chances to all candidates and clients irrespective or race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin, disability or any other factor.

Career/Profession Consulting

We help people make the best career choices, accelerate their career, and exceed their set goals by providing professional and market inclusive real time career advice. We provide tools that equip our candidate to be competitive in the job market creating a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers. We also provide mentorship to students and grads.

Business Consulting

We help businesses owners to exponentially grow their businesses to compete globally by implementing unique strategies that increase the demand of their products and services so as to attract and retaining high paying clients, establish meaningful business relationships and important partnerships.

Ideas Lab

We help visionaries to turn their ideas/passion to reality by working hand-in-hand in pursuing higher calling or life purpose acquiring financial freedom and fulfilment while living their dreams.

Non-Profit Organizations Consulting

We help Non-Profit organization founders to establish and grow successful foundations by providing cutting-edge strategies and management services that differentiate their foundations to significantly attract donors and beneficiaries as well as engaging communities while making great impact in the society and entire world.